“Convivio 2017 was my first Convivio. The people here were all very welcoming and friendly. I felt like I actually learned something that I’ll be able to apply in my daily life.” (Youth participant)

“My Convivio 2017 experience was breathtaking. I learned so much about how awesome my faith is, but more importantly, how much I need it and how close I want to continue to grow to Jesus.” (Youth participant)

“This was my first Convivio and I had such an amazing time. I loved it!” (Youth participant)

“Convivio was amazing. I strengthen my relationship with God and with myself. It was truly an unforgettable experience.”  (Youth participant)

“My Convivio experience was overall really nice. I don’t regret coming at all. I didn’t think I would enjoy the event because I question my faith so much, but in all honesty, I think this event has helped me out a bit. I really enjoyed this year’s theme and the environment.” (Youth participant)

“Convivio helped to build my faith and bring me closer to people I did not know were on this journey of faith with me. I learned what true connections are, and I got to make some. I also had the opportunity to go to confession before going to adoration, which was awesome. I made friendships I never thought I would make, and became even stronger in my faith.” (Youth participant)

Group Leaders

“Leading groups at Convivio allowed me to grow in friendship not only with other group leaders but with the kids in my group. It was refreshing to see so many kids on fire for Christ and to show people that Christ is always with them. Also being able to help with liturgical tasks was also very enjoyable. I look forward to seeing what Convivio 2018 brings!!” (Group leader)

“It was such a blessing to be able to witness all the young people there that actually wanted to be there and had so much fun. There was a point where I had gone to adoration during a free time that I had and it was amazing to see that so many people were there to the point that they had to wait turns to go into the chapel because there was no space!!” (Group leader)

Adult volunteers

“This past Convivio was my 5th or 6th. Being a volunteer I am not able to watch a lot of what goes on. But every year there are several parts that humble me. I always look forward to the Bishop addressing the youth. To be a part of and to witness Holy hour and confession is always wonderful. But most importantly I love to watch the transformation as the Holy Spirit works in these young adults.” (Adult volunteer)